Wheelersburg, OH


Cemetery entrance



Directions to Old Wheelersburg Cemetery 

 Old Wheelersburg Cemetery – BURIAL SEARCH

$450.00 Burial Fee

$200.00 Child

$100.00 Cremation


*Weekdays Only—No Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Burials. 

*The vault company must be out of the cemetery by 1:30 PM. 

*The funeral director must give 24 hr. notice and notify by Friday noon for a

  Monday Burial.

*No metal vaults

*Prior notification for oversize vaults.

*Payment for opening and closing must be made prior to the service.

*Payment for the purchase of lots must be made prior to the day of the service.


$400.00 Grave Lots———4×8

$200.00 Cremation Lots—4×4 limit two (2) per lot


(Porter Township residents only may purchase lots.  Owners of grave lots may only sell back to the township, not to another individual and at the original cost when purchased.)

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